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baby, it's cold outside.

4 April


super man


HELLO I'm Kiia and I'm a 16-year-old girl from Finland. I was born on the 4th of April in '93, at 3:56AM and I like to tell everyone that 'cause how cool is it to be born on the fourth of fourth at four to four...ok, lame. :|

I've been speaking Finnish since I learned to speak, and English since I learned to read. I'm fluent in Finnish, and I want to be fluent in English but I'll never be, I guess. :C I also speak OK German, decent Swedish, bad French, even worse Japanese and have studied Mandarin for a few months. I also try to self-teach myself Korean, and know a few phrases of Russian and Spanish. I love learning languages almost too much.

I love being myself and photographing everything around me. And I'll never fit to any of your basic stereotypes, sorry. :C But if I have to try to squeeze myself into these boxes people put other people in, I'd say I'm a mix of a worldsaver and Asia-freak with a random bit of a very indie person and OK IDK I DON'T WANT TO PUT MYSELF IN A BOX :C I'm just myself, you're just yourself and everyone is just themselves. That's the way I like my world.
By the way, I support human rights and animal rights and all kinds of rights and am strongly against racism and I just try to be good to others

Super Junior (+subgroups) ;; 2PM ;; SHINee ;; DBSK ;; Big Bang ;; f(x) ;; JJ Lin ;; 2NE1 ;; Jay Chou ;; Muse ;; SS501 ;; Clazziquai Project ;; LMFAO ;; Tool -- overall anything that resembles pop/dance/hiphop/alternative/progressive from all over the world, my taste in music is beyond diverse, I'm always there if you want to recommend someone a tiny bit of music, no matter what the genre or language is ♥

everything but I do have my biases in everything -- photography ;; Hangeng ;; white chocolate ;; sleeping ;; nature

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